First Flash Game – Critic Me

Critic Me

If there’s something you hate that I do or something you wish I did different giv’er

First Flash Game up!

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If you like what you see please join today!



I know this is 18 days later.. but i’d like to give you some feedback anyway. The only thing that bothered me was that when you push the red button and Marty goes deeper, the squishy part of the penis around his lips moves down with his head. I think I know what you’re trying to present here, but to me it looks like marty isn’t going any deeper, but he’s just moving the dick. hope that helped at all..


Is this supposed to just be a screenshot of your animation, or is this the actual animation? ‘Cause it ain’t workin’ for me.


Its a cock teasing screen shot. So yes just a screencap.


animation was great…but i just wish there was a little more variety in animation
if i read correctly earlier i believe this is your first attempt at flash so i’m sure you’ll improve to a much higher level in no time… great job onta


I felt out of practice. More will come, and better of course :)

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